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So far in my bots Ive been reusing the same 2 transistors that I got with my original ARDX kit.

 According to

Im using these:-

A “NPN bipolar junction transistor used for general purpose low-power amplifying or switching applications”.

 I’m using them as switches for my motors BUT I think the power is too high for these transistors.

(At the moment I’m powering my bot with 4xAAs) and the motors often stay stuck on instead of switching on & off.

But I’ve just bought these Battery Packs to lower the power a little:-

But I need to go back for these snap-on battery connectors:-

and Im wondering which of these would be suitable for my use?



Trying to build the moorebot

“@GeekMoore: @ManchesterBudo @patlink72 you’ve had 5min.” ha! 🙂
Ive no hbridge so I tried running both motors off the Arduino but I think it needs more power coz they both won’t run at once SO im on way to asda for batteries.
I had to solder the cables onto the motors (and you know how terrible I am at soldering- then I wrapped tape round for extra security)
The wires kept getting pulled out accidentally otherwise that was doing my nutt in.